Dr. Alexandra Nitzlader

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Alexandra’s consulting has impact because it builds on your conviction and passion to achieve the common goal.

Dr. Karin Exner-Wöhrer


Alexandra Nitzlader’s professional career combines experience in finance, social finance and social entrepreneurship. This combination, still rare, makes her an excellent coach and mentor for social enterprises looking to professionalize their operations and sustain investment, or for-profit organizations looking to explore and increase their social impact. On a personal level, we always appreciated her ability to listen first, understand different perspectives and provide professional support with a personal touch.

Wir erlebten ihre Arbeit aus erster Hand während des vierjährigen EU-Projekts Finance4SocialChange, bei dem sie als Mentorin für Sozialunternehmen fungierte, die ihre Investment Readiness verbessern wollten, sowie während zahlreicher Gelegenheiten, bei denen sie mit anderen Changemakern und Sozialunternehmern zusammenarbeitete.

Alexander Kesselring

Senior Program Manager, Ashoka

Alexandra’s consulting was very helpful, she gave us great insights regarding our financial planning as well as communicating our finances. Her focus and experience in impact investing was a great fit with our goals. That was very valuable for our first investment steps.

Dr. Hugo Furtado

CEO, Dreamwaves GmbH

Alexandra Nitzlader has extensive experience in working with social entrepreneurs. Over the course of more than three years working together on our social entrepreneurship and impact accelerators, she has become our expert in social finance, impact measurement and modelling. She has participated in several accelerators as an expert and is always available to work with start-ups.

Mustafa Ozer

Expert and Content Manager, Impact Hub Vienna